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Club Cheval 'Discipline' by J.A.C.K.

Cat Velez - 17th Sept 2015

The video for Club Cheval's Discipline by Camille Hirigoyen and Julien Choquart – aka J.A.C.K. – brings us an huge house party turned into a massive game of musical chairs - a great idea, and a great execution. 
Filmed over two evenings, the video features forty young people - sourced on the street or via social media - having a party while the group performs live. The guys from Club Cheval lead the game, starting and stopping the music and heightening the pressure.
The video includes long sequence shots filmed with a steadicam, interspersed with rapid movements, and subjective views filmed live on Hi8 with a camcorder during the shoot, by one of the actors.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere where you are at the heart of the party, really believe in it and want to be there,” explain J.A.C.K. “We had a very clear idea of the shots. We just had to get the party going to get them, create accidents and breaks to surprise the young people and show the excitement palpable on the set.” Just goes to show that the old games are the best.

Cat Velez - 17th Sept 2015


  • Director's notes
  • House Party
  • Musical Chairs
  • Youth

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Production Company
Wanda Paris


Director of Photography
Crille Forsberg

Cat Velez - 17th Sept 2015

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