Cat Velez - 11th Sept 2015

Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nicholas Boshier play their Bondi Hipster characters from their popular Aussie TV show Soul Mates, in this completely over-the-top music video for their song Hipsta Shit. 

The satirical clip sets out to skewer hipster pretenciousness and by outright slapping their faces off, and after knocking a few eyes out of their sockets, it nearly succeeds in its aim. Described by its creators with a checklist of pop-culture trends, 'sick drops, dragon semen, illuminati symbology, hipster-bashing, and an unborn foetus dumping a pinger,' the result is an entertaining high-budget Aussie version of the infamous youtube meme Being A Dickhead's Cool.


DirectorDaniel Reisinger
ProducerMorgan Taylor
Production CompanyInfinity2
Production CompanyVan Vuuren Bros
Executive ProducerDave Jansen
Production ManagerAmy Jarman
Director of PhotographyAaron Mclisky
GafferStorm Ashwood
Art DirectorIan "waxe" Kanik
Make-upEliza Campagna
EditorJames Ashbolt
ColouristMarcus Timpson
VFXLucas Newton / Benjamin Zaugg / Alex Gabott
Lead actorNicholas Boshier
Lead actorChristiaan Van Vuuren
Lead actorAnthony Howes
Lead actorSam Glissan
Director's RepresentationInfinity2
LabelUniversal Music / Ministry Of Sound

Cat Velez - 11th Sept 2015

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