Cat Velez - 6th Aug 2015

A daily commute goes very wrong in this dark tale for Beak> track Broken Window. Poisoned by the contents of a mysterious water bottle he thought was his, an unlucky man's senses quickly begin to betray him.

As his fellow passengers' faces become monstrously distorted an awfully relatable and nightmarish scene begins to unfold... striking a deep and primal chord within all of us, with its believable depiction of panic, confusion and fear of the unknown. 


DirectorTia Salisbury
ProducerTia Salisbury
1st ADKimberley Senior
Director of PhotographyKimberley Senior
2nd ACSam Davis
EditorTia Salisbury
VFXTia Salisbury
Lead actorMarc Bessant
CommissionerInvada Records
LabelInvada Records

Cat Velez - 6th Aug 2015

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