Cat Velez - 13th July 2015

Jovan Todorović and Đorđe Peševski, aka ESNAF follow up their music video trilogy for Astronomyy with this poignant video for young Brooklyn-based rapper Haleek Maul's track Money God.

It sees the artist expressing his scorn towards the dynamics of inequality that dominates modern society, where the richest wield all the power. The choleric mood driving the track leads to an equally sombre video, characterised by dark, saturated hues, a fast-paced edit, and a strong performance by the solitary artist, set in desolate urban locations.

PRO Credits


1st ADBarry Silverman
Director of PhotographyJovan Todorovic
WardrobeSeth Nicholas Randall
EditorMilena Z. Petrovic
Editing companyMikey Rossiter
ColouristThe Mill
Director's RepresentationOB Management

Cat Velez - 13th July 2015

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