Cat Velez - 18th June 2015

New Zealand artists Kody Nielson aka Silicon's debut track, a mellow, futuristic disco number, has been paired with this curious video by Sam Peacocke, following a strange robotic character with glowing pixel-like blue eyes.

With the track named God Emoji and the ethereal yet recognizably digital quality of the blue gaze as well as the character's dismembered head, the visuals seem to explore our faith in technology and connectivity. But then the real Silicon doesn't have the freedom of his disembodied CGI head. He's trapped at home, isolated and alone on a Saturday night...


DirectorSam Peacocke
ProducerEvie Mckay
Production CompanyRobber's Dog, NZ
Executive ProducerMark Foster
Director of PhotographyAndrew Stroud
Art DirectorChris Elliot
EditorDan Kircher
Post production companyStu Bedford

Cat Velez - 18th June 2015

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