Cat Velez - 10th June 2015

Tia Salisbury has created this highly atmospheric video for Dolman's Black Castles. Composed of darkly tinted bluey shots of a beautiful alpine town, it begins by showing the remnants of a burned-down house which sets a decidedly haunting tone for the rest of the piece. 

Shrouded in mystery and shot like bits of a once-forgotten childhood memory, the viewer is teased with mysterious subjects in family fotos whose contours become unstable and are acid-burned away completely before the viewer can ever identify a face.

Perhaps a subtle reminder to always make sure the cooker is turned off...


DirectorTia Salisbury
ProducerTia Salisbury
Production CompanyFyra Films
EditorTia Salisbury
LabelInfexion Point Records

Cat Velez - 10th June 2015

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