Cat Velez - 21st Apr 2015

Paul Dugdale is a master director of live performance, and he's delivered this video of Mumford & Sons' performance of their track The Wolf, capturing the raw energy of the band, and their on-stage dynamic.

The design and framing of the shots - as well as their subsequent usage in post - were led by Paul Dugdale's desire to showcase the band doing what it does best, nothing more and nothing less. And it's been so successful the video has been adopted as the official video for the track.


"The aim was to capture the performance of the music rather than edit to the energy of the music. Every decision when making this was to make it feel as real and honest as possible, show the passion of the performance and reintroduce the viewer to the band dynamic and intimacy as they play together.

"The flat aesthetic of the image and the modest lighting with minimal cues serve not only as a show of confidence in this performance, but also to reinforce a sense that the viewer isn’t going miss anything. Shots were deliberately left long, and framing was baggy with minimal camera movement to let the action play out within the frame rather than being at the mercy of the filmmaking.

"Many of the shots serve to link the guys together as a group, and there are deliberately very few close ups, only used at particularly divisive moments as the song builds so that the viewer feels they are able to see everything rather than being overly guided by the directors hand. We wanted the music and performance to rule."

PRO Credits


DirectorPaul Dugdale
ProducerYolanda Neri
Production CompanyJA Digital
Executive ProducerJulie Jakobek
Director of PhotographyNat Hill
EditorSimon Bryant
ColouristJack Jones
Post production companyTvc Soho
CommissionerMike Mooney
LabelIsland Records
Director's RepresentationOB Management

Cat Velez - 21st Apr 2015

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