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Madonna 'Ghosttown' by Jonas Åkerlund

Cat Velez - 10th Apr 2015

Co-starring Empire's Terrence Howard, Madonna's new video for Ghosttown by longtime collaborator Jonas Åkerlund is mesmerisingly dark, post-apocalyptic, and downright steamy. 

It starts off with a fuzzy television broadcast on a crummy 60's TV set, informing us that the Western worlds' cultural capitals have been nuked into oblivion. But all is not lost. Madonna and Terrence Howard have survived. 

Madonna, in full ring-leader garb, finds a top hat amongst the ruins to complete the look, and foreshadows via song that love can still prevail in this ghost town. And having just avoided shooting her in sniper-mode, Terry does what any warm-blooded human would do if they found Madonna in this kind of situation: tango the pain away and fall passionately in love with her...


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Cat Velez - 10th Apr 2015

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Megan Lawson

Cat Velez - 10th Apr 2015

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