Cat Velez - 19th Mar 2015

Director Colin Tilley is no stranger to directing racy music videos. After all, who can forget Anaconda?

And Colin's latest for Carnage's I Like Tuh is nine minutes of utter mayhem that would debatably have a similar, if not more intensified reaction were it attached to a pop-star of Minaj-proportionate appeal. Led by a cast of caricatural drug-dealers, the video is a sucker-punch of over-the-top violence, drug use, twerking and exploding heads. Not exactly safe for work... you've been warned!

PRO Credits


DirectorColin Tilley
Production CompanyLondon Alley
ProducerJustin Folger
ProducerChris Ramirez
Executive ProducerLuga Podesta
Executive ProducerBrandon Bonfiglio
Director of PhotographyJoseph Labisi
EditorVinnie Hobbs
Director's Rep (UK)OB Management
Director's Rep (US)Tommy Labuda

Cat Velez - 19th Mar 2015

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