Cat Velez - 17th Mar 2015

In this hugely entertaining double-bill for ex-Swedish House Mafia members Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell Hedfors, their fellow Swede Christian Larson has delivered an action blockbuster, with great fight sequences, memorable characters - and bucketloads of irreverent humour. 

And Larson, who knows the duo now known as Axwell Ingrosso very well – having documented Swedish House Mafia's final tour in his feature-length documentary Leave the World Behind – has turned them into a winning on-screen double-act, who start out as sworn enemies. Part One, for On My Way, sees Axwell face off with Ingrosso in an underground fist-fighting ring set in a gritty, rough area of Bucharest, Romania. The pressure is on, with Mafia leaders and their burly henchmen placing bets on the fighters – and threatening to beat them to an inch of their life if they are to lose.

But there's an edgy twist, when it turns out these rapscallions have a plan of their own... And in part two for Can't Hold Us Down, we get the unexpected payback for their own scheming...

So sit back, and enjoy - great fight sequences, great photography courtesy of DoP Erik Sohlstrom, an excellent vintage Volvo that goes up in a ball of flame – and more evidence that Christian Larson is developing into a hell of a director... 

PRO Credits


DirectorChristian Larson
ProducerJacob Swan Hyam
Director of PhotographyErik Sohlstrom
Executive ProducerSvana Gisla
SteadicamRick Woolard
1st ADRichard Whealan
Costume designerEsther Rouah
Production designerRuth Crawford
ChoreographerNatrica Bernard
EditorChristian Larson
Edit AssistantEmma Backman
ColouristPana @ NHB Berlin
Sound designErik Olsson
GraphicsThomas Carlsten

Cat Velez - 17th Mar 2015

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