David Knight - 5th Mar 2015

Something strange and wonderful happens as Kat Vinter takes a stroll in the forest, in her video for Sooner Or Later, created by Daniel Bartels & Julian Ticona Cuba of German creative team NOISE.

Particles move through the air and coallesce above her, and she encounters increasingly impressive part-organic floating objects before reaching a lake, overshadowed by still-forming sculpted head. A properly imaginative music video that is very impressively executed by Daniel and Julian, who have lots of experience in post production VFX, and it shows.

Daniel Bartels & Julian Ticona Cuba:

"We wanted to symbolize Kat's inner struggles and questions by a trip through dark landscapes with various Symbols and Sculptures in it. Just like her emotional states, the Sculptures are trying to put themselves together but never seem to complete. Signs lead here through different areas untill she finale reaches a lake in which she tries to find the answer."


DirectorDaniel Bartels, Julian Ticona Cuba
ProducerDaniel Bartels, Julian Ticona Cuba
Production CompanyNOISE
Executive ProducerDaniel Bartels, Julian Ticona Cuba
Production ManagerDaniel Bartels, Julian Ticona Cuba
1st ADMichael Groß
Director of PhotographyLukas Tielke
EditorBastian Ahrens
ColouristBernd Güssbacher
Post production companyAcht Imaging
VFXJulian Ticona Cuba, Daniel Lang, Jakob Saretz, Mark Dauth
Lead actorKat Vinter
LabelGuerilla Management
Other credits3D Artist : Frederik Rieckher, Valentin Grünberg, Christian Lerch, David Gross

David Knight - 5th Mar 2015

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