Jimmy Brown - 12th Feb 2015

Hooked and inspired by Sasha Kloeber’s remix of SRTW’s We Were Young, Trunk's Junior set out to create a video that 'compares the drudgery and monotony of adult life against those fragmentary and misremembered moments of a younger carefree self'.

Animated using Flash and After Affects and eploying a tonal, colour palette, Junior creates a carefree, hypnotic, visual narrative going against a tradional story arc...


“The way the loop of the voices accompanied by the synth and the guitar... and the sample voice saying 'we were young ... having fun ... read my mind'. 

"When I heard this my brain started to trigger a montage of random memories, short ones, even cropped ones that produced different emotions....”


Production CompanyTrunk Animation
ProducerRichard Barnett
AnimationLayla Atkinson, William Smith, Lesley Dart, Juan Buscarons
CommissionerHanan Cher

Jimmy Brown - 12th Feb 2015

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