Jimmy Brown - 4th Feb 2015

Taken from their debut album Lacuna, Candice-Joelle and Georgio Barber's deadpan performance promo for Childhood's Blue Velvet, sees the band and their enthusiastic followers bathed in a muted, smoky haze to eerie effect...


DirectorGeorgio Barber
Director of PhotographyBenjamin Barber
Focus PullerJames Leckey
2nd ACClaudia Mallart Toupy
GafferZik Udenze
EditorMichael Jones
LabelMarathon Artists
DITSam Davis
Production AssistantEmma King, Theo Tennant
ColouristLuke Raddy
Other creditsYounger Girl: Amarie Braithwaite Hippie Girl: Emily Rose Amber Old Rocker: Stephen Adams First Twin: Micheal Jones Second Twin: Gintaras Lazickas

Jimmy Brown - 4th Feb 2015

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