Davis Silis - 14th Nov 2014

In the music video world, much like film itself, there are labours of love. We’ve all heard the stories; locked in a dark room, toiling away with no food or sleep until the final touches are done. Yes, there are labours of love, and then there’s something else; DIY 3D scanning performances and spending 8 months creating beautiful artificial CG worlds on a laptop while simultaneously touring under the moniker Woodkid. That’s precisely what Yoann Lemoine has done for his Black Atlass video ‘Jewels’.

It’s a stunning example of what can be achieved not with money, but strong vision and unrelenting persistence. The video features 3D scanned images of Montreal-based singer Alex Fleming (Black Atlass) paired with the stoic Polish model Anja Rubik, in worlds both unfamiliar and fantastic. Their surreal poses and surroundings are unsettling, yet absolutely captivating.

The lights and shapes and textures are not only extraordinary, but unexpected as well. And that’s largely the point. As Yoann explains: 

I was born with computers but I’ve always thought it was strange to use them to fake or replace reality. The whole quest for 3D, 4D, pixel resolution, frame rate, and progress in the CGI world only seems to be driven by a fascination for reality emulation, and not that much by artistry and fantasy. The reality pictured in this video only exists in the computer I used to create the piece. It's fascinating and alienating too.

Despite creating coldly artificial environments, the images in ‘Jewels’ have an immediacy and warmth to them, in large part because Yoann has created scenes with such detail and precision, we become completely engrossed. The way certain shots so unnaturally fuse faces together with inorganic objects creates a bizarre empathy; we understand, without understanding at all.

PRO Credits


DirectorYoann Lemoine
Production CompanyIconoclast
Executive ProducerElias Belkeddar
Line ProducerAnnabel Rosier
Director of PhotographyYoann Lemoine
1st ADAntoine Poulet
1st ACJohan Leclaire Botarelli
GafferThierry Baucheron
ElectricianSidney Baucheron
Key GripSamuel Fisher
GripRomain Chevalier
WardrobeDarcy Backlar
HairJérôme Cultrera
Make-upTracy Grey
EditorYoann Lemoine
3D Scanning & ModellingYoann Lemoine
PostYoann Lemoine
CommissionerPierre Le Ny
CastAnja Rubik

Davis Silis - 14th Nov 2014

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