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Roy Kafri 'Mayokero' by Vania Heymann

Promonews - 22nd Oct 2014

Vania Heymann's amazing interactive video for Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone was a hard act to follow, but the Israeli-born director has now made something that does that job, for an artist as unknown as Dylan is famous.

Vania's video for beatboxer Roy Kafri's Mayokero is a brilliantly conceived and executed celebration of vinyl album art, in which some of the most iconic LP covers are subtly brought to life. It's a charming concept executed with a lots of humorous detail - great in itself, but then the director puts them in a bigger context.

The lipsyncing LPs become part of a story told in reverse about the poignant moment when vinyl became discarded in favour of new technology...


"I always loved the artwork on album covers, something about it for me is similar to the essence of making music videos. There is a privilege in creating an image to accompany someone's music - so I felt like crossing those two (music videos and album covers) would hopefully be meaningful.   

"A good friend of mine (who's face is in the video by the way) has a vinyl collection of about 2000 records. When he plays a record, he puts the cover on display, on a small pedestal. So sometimes when the artist's portrait is on the cover I'll stare at it, once in a while I'll get a feeling that if I'll stare at it for just enough time the artist’s face on the album would sing along. Basically the idea was born out of those thoughts.  

"The mini-story is a cross of two memories- the first is of my parents throwing away their magnificent vinyl collection when I was in my mid-teens. To them it was just junk to get rid of, an outdated technology. The second memory is of me spending all of the money I got as bar mitzvah gifts to buy a Minidisk. At the moment of the decision a Minidisc was all I wanted, it just seemed like the coolest gadget. It seemed like the future of music players. But apparently it was a tech that was quick to fade, just a footnote in the history of musical formats, I guess a little like what the Laserdisc was to videos.

"Eventually it's a video about bad decisions, or rather about how decisions seem different as perspectives shift (even slight shifts). And also it’s just me trying to make dead people sing. 

"In that sense I also liked the fact that there are no lyrics to the song, that way I’m not putting words in people mouths." 

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Promonews - 22nd Oct 2014


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Vania Heymann
Natan Schottenfels
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Vania Heymann


Vania Heymann

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Yoav Shtibelman


Patrick Griffith, Martin Pfefferkorn


Ben Bocker, Gal Muggia, Anaelle Heymann, Yael Friedlander, Daniel Koren,


Tom Metcalfe, Anisia Affek,, Mark Coates, Yoav L. Wazana, Dan Farkas,


Paris Yinka, Si Koroma Alma Beck, and Leyzer Farkas the cat

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Daniela Albin, Dan Farkas, Daniel Koren, Omri Anghel

Promonews - 22nd Oct 2014

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