David Knight - 6th Oct 2014

Parov Stelar's electro-swing tune Beatbuddy Swing is a tie-in with the Beatbuddy video game character, but the simple yet charming video directed by Aćim Vasić focusses on the human performer known for dancing to Stelar's previous track Catgroove, and becoming a YouTube star in the process: takeSomeCrime. 

TSC is a Canadian dancer who then adopts different monickers according to the dance style he's doing. And as this is electro-swing, tonight he's Forsyth...

Aćim Vasić:

"Beatbuddy is a video game character by game developers Threaks for which, among other musicians, Parov Stelar wrote an exclusive OST song Beatbuddy Swing which they used also for this ad/music video.

"The shoot was in Berlin, late August this year, organised by Elena Winterer from Partizan's Berlin office. It was one of the most amusing shoots I've been at, as you can easily guess from watching the clip. Very groovy Parov Tune kept the high tempo during the entire day and tireless Forsythe was constantly unstoppable, both with his trademark moves and with some, for him, innovative expressions and quirky footwork. The game is a bit comedic and quirky and that's why we tried to express it in this way.

"It was a small but hard working crew full of smiles and good vibes. And to compensate the static camera choice we had to have dynamic editing style. Also we tried not to have any repetitive shots and thankfully Parov Stelar and Etage Noir allowed me cut the song to 2min40s as the longer, original, version would definitely be harder to keep as energetic and entertaining as this one. Special thanks to everyone who collaborated on this fun project :)"

PRO Credits


DirectorAćim Vasić
ProducerElena Winterer
Production CompanyPartizan Darkroom
Director of PhotographyMichael "Mikesh" Huber
GafferSebastian Klatt
HairFranziska Mayntz
Make-upFranziska Mayntz
EditorM.T. Mind, Aude Courbier
ColouristSebastian Bulas, Aude Courbier
Post production companyRoyal Post
Post ProducerZeynep Gizem De Loecker
Lead actorTakesomecrime(forsythe)
Other creditsProduction Assistant: Sandra Plaha Technical Support: Matthias Cortet Thanks To: Lisa Barbier, Boris Bilenjki, Georg Georgi

David Knight - 6th Oct 2014

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