Jimmy Brown - 30th Sept 2014

Pristinely styled, art directed and shot, Allie Avital Tsypin delivers this deliciously odd, deadpan promo for Classic by Ben Ruttner and James Patterson - aka New York duo The Knocks.

There's a maverick performance from vocalist Powers, and a cast that engages with the fun fake-gif effect pioneered in Allie's Pains Of Being Pure At Heart video


DirectorAllie Avital
Production CompanyBANGS
ProducerChristopher Sullivan
Director of PhotographyOwen Donovan
Production designerEmma Rose Mead
StylistGemma Slack
VFXClick 3X
Lead actorPowers, Asra Arif, Alida Rose Delaney, Coline Jourdana, Rosalie Lowe, Laura Murphy, Toryn Seabrooks

Jimmy Brown - 30th Sept 2014

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