Jimmy Brown - 27th Aug 2014

Shot on a rugged coastal terrain, Jon Olav Stokke delivers a poignant and emotional film to accompany Norwegian singer Frøder's widescreen ballad Over The Sea, which depicts a fatally wounded soldier - played by Brage Bang - in the last moments of his life...

PRO Credits


DirectorJon Olav Stokke
ProducerJon Olav Stokke
ProducerFlorinda Frisardi
Production CompanyNTSH London
Production CompanyGentleCap AS
Executive ProducerOlav Stokke
Executive ProducerSeany Stuart
Production ManagerElisabeth Røyseth Oksavik
1st ADFlorinda Frisardi
Director of PhotographyEspen Gjelsten
Focus PullerRolf Skjong
WardrobeAnne Isene
Make-upFie Baro
EditorJon Olav Stokke
VFXRolf Skjong
Lead actorBrage Bang
StoryboardistAnthony Hutchings
Production AssistantErik Hellandsvik Domaas, Malin Røyset Aarønes
Special ThanksKari Stokke, Jørund Mo, Fredrik Mo, Jørgen Andreas Mo, Kristian Skogen
LabelSony Music
CommissionerTherese Karlsson

Jimmy Brown - 27th Aug 2014

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