Luke Tierney - 22nd Aug 2014

Matt Diegan & Francis Newall document a young man's inner turmoil, and his disturbing obsession with a girl, in their promo for the clattering chaos of Johnny Foreigner's Stop Talking About Ghosts. 

It's an experiment, using different formats, double exposures, and change-ups from black and white to colour, to reflect his unsettling mental state - and an imaginative use of sound too – for a mental track.


"We've worked with Johnny Foreigner before, and what they gave us with Stop Talking About Ghosts was the opportunity to really go off the rails, and to come up with some dark, narrative ideas with total freedom, which was really exciting.

"We wanted to create something that was entirely subjective and instinctive, that explored a deranged, maddened and lovesick mind. Our actor, Elliot, had plenty to draw from, with lots of odd (read: creepy) phases from his own past to use as inspiration, and the seeds were thereby sown for the short story of love and loss that emerged."


DirectorMatt Diegan
DirectorFrancis Newall
ProducerMatt Diegan
Production CompanyMoral Hangover
EditorFrancis Newall
ColouristDamian Kawaroo
Grading companyPrime Focus
Lead actorElliot Chidwick, Rebecca Burnett, Nick Fruin
LabelAlcopop! + Lame-o Records

Luke Tierney - 22nd Aug 2014

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