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Robyn and Röyksopp 'Do It Again' by Martin de Thurah

Davis Silis - 24th July 2014

While everyone’s busy drinking piña coladas and drenching themselves in Kodachrome sunshine, here comes Martin de Thurah with a devastating black & white portrait of a revolution fuelled by lust and desire for ‘Do It Again’ from Robyn and Röyksopp. Just leave it to this first-rate Danish director to create an atmosphere so unsettling, you’ll find yourself feeling utter anxiety and not even knowing why.

In a video that entwines several plot lines — rebels storm a castle, a couple escape impending doom, a woman recovers in a hospital, a dance is violently overthrown by a group of men — you can’t help but watch the video with a knot in your stomach. Although Robyn and Norwegian duo Röyksopp do make an appearance, they’re no more than brief cameos. In fact, the momentum of the video is so dizzying, you hardly even notice.

The cinematography is harrowing and beautiful. Each shot has a menace bubbling underneath you can scarcely understand before de Thurah pushes you even further into his heartbreaking world. The edit is relentless. The characters so curious. Without spilling a single drop of blood, the violence is psychologically vile and gruesome; a woman screaming in terror gets match cut to a woman laughing on the floor, a man desperately trying to kiss a woman goodbye one moment is nearly torn apart by a mob the next.

And so, you let the serene final moments of the six minute video play out, take a deep breath, and say, ‘Whoah.’


Director - Martin de Thurah
DoP - Alexis Zabe
Editors - Mikkel E G , Nick Rondeau, Chris Mitchell
Grading - Sofie Borup

Executive Producer - Avelino Rodríguez 
Producer - José Barrera
Line Producer - Andrés Herran 
Post producer - Lisa Barnable
Epp - Eve Kornblum

Gaffer - Marco Julian
1st AC - Jonathan Leys

1st AD - Rodrigo Urbano
2nd AD - Daniel Flores

Production Designer - Fernanda Guerrero

Wardrobe Designers - Bertha Romero / Victoria Nana

Make Up - Paola Alfaro


Davis Silis - 24th July 2014


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Martin De Thurah


Wall Of Sound

Davis Silis - 24th July 2014

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