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Douglas Dare 'Nile' by Rob Chiu

Douglas Dare 'Nile' by Rob Chiu

Jimmy Brown - 14th July 2014

Bleak, brooding and beautiful, Rob Chiu delivers this moving and compelling promo set to the gorgeous atmospherics of Douglas Dare's Nile. 

The video centres on model Anne Ladegast (Rob's fiancée) as she goes wandering in the dramatically cinematic Snowdonia in North Wales and Saddleworth Moor then appears to disintegrate before our eyes - achieved by shooting high-speed footage of a mannequin dressed in a black tshirt and setting it on fire. Wonderful.


"I’ve been a big fan of the Erased Tapes roster for a long time, Nils Frahm, AWVFTS, Peter Broderick and Olafur Arnalds have all been the soundtrack to my life at some point or another.

"My friend and collaborator Ben Lukas Boysen signed with Erased Tapes for publishing and introduced me to Robert Raths who runs the label. We talked about the possibilities of me making a music video if anything came up and then literally a couple of weeks later I heard Nile on Soundcloud and wrote to Robert asking if I could pitch some ideas for it. He set up a meeting between me and Douglas, we met up and brainstormed in a cafe in Shoreditch and took it from there.

"Matias Boucard (Director of Photography) rented a motorhome in Paris and drove up with his assistant and all his camera kit to North Wales in one day, slept in the motorhome, shot a full day in Wales, slept again in the motorhome then drove to Saddleworth the following morning, shot for half a day and then drove all the way back to Paris!

"We shot high speed footage of a mannequin dressed in black t-shirts and set them on fire. Ryan Dzierzek then composited this and other elements that he created in cinema 4D and After Effects into the footage that we shot in Wales. It was quite a long process with a lot of R+D happening at the same time. He also used empty plates of the scenery so that he could paint out Anne’s arm in the film and replace it with what would be behind her thus making it seem as if she is disappearing".

Watch 'Douglas Dare 'Nile' by Rob Chiu' here

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Jimmy Brown - 14th July 2014


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Rob Chiu
Rob Chiu
Production Company
HSI London


Director of Photography
Matias Boucard
Camera Assistant
Melodie Preel


Charlie Moreton


Ryan Dzierzek


Robert Raths
Erased Tapes


Anne Ladegast
Special Thanks
We Are French
Special Thanks
Special Thanks

Jimmy Brown - 14th July 2014

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