David Knight - 30th June 2014

A young man and woman with separate lives are paralysed by their lack of love in Jack Munsch's intriguing and ultimately feelgood video for The Lighthouse And The Whaler's Venice.


"The band’s brief asked for a video based around the theme of love with a weird twist. And with lyrics like 'Death is cold, death is sure. Why don’t we fall in love', it’s a very clear and simple statement that I wanted to play with.

"I thought about a couple literally falling but then I thought it would be a cool slant to have the couple rising into love. I remember thinking it would be a fun challenge trying to create a love story with two horizontal people who don’t move or show emotion.

"That’s where Tom and Victoria (the actors) came in. The facial expressions needed to be extremely subtle, and practically non-existent, so I looked for two actors that would be able to draw you in with just their eyes. And then when it came to the slight changes I needed from them, they absolutely nailed it!

"The video was a lot of fun - I can’t thank the crew enough for their hard work on the shoot!”


DirectorJack Munsch
ProducerChaz Callingham-Woods
Production CompanyFaze One Media
1st ADEmma Pounds
Director of PhotographyRobert White
Focus PullerSam Ardley
2nd ACJack Harrison
GafferSteve Garay
Make-upCharlotte Savage
EditorJack Munsch
Editing companyFaze One Media
ColouristToby Tomkins
Grading companyTJTFilm
Lead actorVictoria Emslie At Hamilton Hodell
Lead actorTom Machell
CommissionerRadar Music Videos
Other creditsAsst. Producer: Lewi O'neil 2nd AD: Johnny Briggs Spark: Nick Leishman Production Asst. Emily Andrews Runner 1: Jonny Byczok Runner 2: Matt Jackson Band Performance Prod. Company (Ohio, US): Monobloc Studios Andrew Spirk Josh Apple

David Knight - 30th June 2014

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