Luke Tierney - 11th June 2014

A clever promo is an engaging promo, a mantra Ben Reed has taken to heart for the video for Joan As Policewoman's Witness. And this is certainly clever, and well executed. It starts as a study of sign language, which develops into a visual language that does the same thing - images that reflect words of the song

And taking inspiration from TV detective shows with its hard hitting (and occasionally oddball) imagery – nicely photographed by Nic Booth – it also follows the law-and-order metaphor at the heart of Witness. Its Ben's third video for Joan and the first one without her participation. And despite this success he says that was "a shame, as she has charm and wit." 


DirectorBen Reed
Director of PhotographyNic Booth
CommissionerSean Mayo
Special ThanksIoan Gwyn

Luke Tierney - 11th June 2014

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