Luke Tierney - 5th June 2014

Referencing LAs 90's riots Jude MC brings out the tough side of Mykki Blanco for She Gutta. Having recently been arrested in Portugal for, as he put it on Facebook, "being gay", after an altercation with Police at his gallery recidency, it seems life has mimicked art in this case. That is the premise of his latest promo. Police versus.

Following a prolonged introduction, gay imagery is mixed with that of LA's gang culture plus clowns. It doesn't need to make much sense, it's gripping all the same. Classic Mykki Blanco. Always doing things differently.


DirectorJude MC
Director of PhotographyFrank Mobilio
PhotographerCassius Sanders
StylistNatasha Newman-Thomas
Special ThanksHarder Master
GripMichael Stasis

Luke Tierney - 5th June 2014

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