Jimmy Brown - 15th May 2014

A man wanders around an empty house in Rob Savage's emotional promo for Run by Hertfordshire four-piece Chasing Grace. 

Intercut with a band performance, Rob and his mammoth crew document the man - played by Chukwudi Iwuji - as he painfully remembers a past love and better times...

PRO Credits


DirectorRob Savage
Production CompanyOutsider
ProducerTom Martin
Executive ProducerSimon Elborne
1st ADJonathan Sidwell
Director of PhotographyOllie Downey
SteadicamChris Cummins
Focus PullerTom O'Keefe
2nd ACOllie Craig
GafferTheo Milford
SparkDamien Ansell
Art DirectorKatie-Ann MacGregor
Assistant Art DirectorJack Martin
StylistCharlotte Young
Hair & Make-upChristabel Franklin
RunnerJamie Nowicki
RunnerSam Shepherd
Prop TransportMaurice Sukul
EditorRicardo Servini
VFX SupervisorCarl Guyenette
VFX ProducerNiamh McGregor
ColouristMatt Osborne
Lead actorChukwudi Iwuji
Lead actorAdeline Moreau
Lead actorMatt Morgan
Lead actorCiara Baxendale
Lead actorMichael Matias
Lead actorErin O'Connor
LabelIsland Records
On Set Video CommissionerJen Herrera
CommissionerNatalia Maus

Jimmy Brown - 15th May 2014

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