Jimmy Brown - 7th Apr 2014

The Family Rain become the backing band to actor Bernard Holley as he lipsyncs his way through their song Dont Waste Your Time, in Finn Keenan's hugely watchable and surreal promo. 

As slow-burning track builds, events become increasingly bizarre as the 11-strong cast act out their own fantasies...


"I've always been fascinated by the silence that can be found in a rural pub, and wondered what might be going through the heads of some of the characters that stare quietly into their pints. I love the idea that they might have outlandish fantasies that they would never tell anyone.

"When the band said, for this video, they wanted to be the backing band to an old man singing, it made complete sense to pair these ideas up. The track itself was a pleasure to put an idea to as it just builds and builds to an epic conclusion, meaning the main character's fantasy could build with the song.

"We were lucky enough to get a fantastic lead actor in Bernard Holley, and amazing extras/crew who all really got the surreal world it was set in".


DirectorFinn Keenan
ProducerRob Jelley
Production CompanyUntitled
Director of PhotographyFinn Keenan
Art DirectorElliot Scott
Camera AssistantGeorge Allen
GafferElliot Beach
SparkRory Harborne
ChoreographerClaudia Palazzo
HairRoseanna Lamer
Make-upRoseanna Lamer
RunnerChris Lynch
EditorFinn Keenan
Lead actorBernard Holley
Lead actorTom Bonnington
Lead actorLucy Christy
Lead actorJohn Fleming
Lead actorHilary Hodsman
Lead actorTyrone Nestor
Lead actorGino Picciano
Lead actorSasha Plache
Lead actorRay Richardson
Lead actorJan Rook
Lead actorAndrew Shire
Special ThanksThe Birchwood Pub

Jimmy Brown - 7th Apr 2014

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