Luke Tierney - 25th Feb 2014

Simple-yet-effective comes to life in Ryan Goodman and Amer Chadha-Patel's well-shot performance promo for Khushi's Phantoms, with an impressive in-camera effect. 

After their last successful collaboration on Magpie – Ryan directing, James Blann DOPing and Amer editing – Ryan and James decided they wanted to create something totally original for Phantoms, after coming across a gif of a machine called a mirrored pinwheel. They brought on director and former set designer/prop builder Amer to try and build the machine. After a day of sourcing mirrors wood and bicycle parts Amer was able to construct a fairly decent version of the pinwheel. The location was an old tanning factory in Tower Bridge.

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Ryan Goodman and Amer Chadha-Patel:

"The whole thing was shot on 16mm film, this was a conscious decision as we wanted to adhere to real texture and honest filmmaking techniques. We wanted to embody the haunting nature of the song by creating a fast-moving disorientating in-camera experience and this was done through various in-camera projection techniques and the mirrored pinwheel. Something that would slice our shots in half every couple of seconds throwing a harsh alternative reflection down the barrel of the lens.

"The projection of old home movies onto Khushi and the pinwheel was an effort to play with the idea of fleeting memories of your hopes and dreams as a child juxtaposed against the reality of now and possibilities in the future. The effect in the video reflects that fact that none of these are ever quite clear.

"When it came to editing, the disorientating nature of the pin wheel allowed us to create confusing and jumpy cuts. Although most of the cuts are standard you may think that your watching some sort of effect. 

"We had originally planned on this being b&w but when it came to grading there were some shots that just looked so stunning in their grainy slightly over saturated palette that we made the video an intense combination of high contrast b&w shots and grainy colour shots."


DirectorRyan Goodman
DirectorAmer Chadha-Patel
Director of PhotographyJames Blann
EditorAmer Chadha-Patel
Focus PullerMichael Hobdell

Luke Tierney - 25th Feb 2014

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