David Knight - 29th Jan 2014

Rob Savage - one of our Directors To Watch in 2014 – has shown further evidence of his considerable promise with his new video for British Sea Power's A Light Above Descending.

Like his previous video for Dear Reader's Took Them Away, this is concerned with the stirrings of young passion. In this case, its less theatrical, and political, and more naturalistic: there's something very believable about the relationship between a boy (Sammy Williams) and girl (Izzy Meikle-Small) on a day out in the woods. Which makes the supernatural payoff all the more effective.

The brief was to create a memory of childhood, with a sinister twist in the tail, and this has been achieved superbly – on a miniscule budget.  

Rob Savage:

"When I was growing up, my friends and I would invent local legends on the spot, telling stories of the spirits that inhabited the local library or the rabid creature that lived in the shed at the end of my garden. We would each pretend that we had seen things that backed up the others' stories to the point where I can't even place where my own memories end and the stories begin. I wanted to evoke that same feeling in the video, mixing traditional coming of age tropes (the first kiss etc.) with something sinister bubbling away under the surface.

"We shot the video on a wet November weekend with a fantastic cast and crew. The video features rising talents Sammy Williams (Wild Bill) and Izzy Meikle-Small (Never Let Me Go), who should both be commended for spending so much time with the dead fish, which was accidentally left unrefrigerated overnight."

PRO Credits


DirectorRob Savage
WriterRob Savage
WriterKate Herron
ProducerGenia Sophie Krassnig
Production CompanyBullion Productions
Director of PhotographyDavid Mackie
EditorRiccardo Servini
VFX SupervisorCarl Guyenette
Sound designTom Whetmore
Production designerKatie-Ann MacGregor
ProstheticsLea James
Make-upMarcio Abraao
Focus PullerMax Glickman
Camera AssistantAlex Smith, Ollie Craig
Lead actorSammy Williams
Lead actorIzzy Meikle-Small
Lead actorKate Herron
Other creditsProduction Assistants: Daniel Dyer, Riley Madincea Visitor vocals: Riccardo Servini Special Thanks: Rob Watson, Iyare Igiehon, Noel Goodwin, Pablo Brown-Jennett, Louis Berry, Arri Media, Take 2 & Barry Measure

David Knight - 29th Jan 2014

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