Jimmy Brown - 21st Jan 2014

Shot at the end of last year, new JJ Stereo signing Ross Cairns delivers his first for the company with the promo for Jake Bugg's A Song About Love.

Taken from his Shangri La album, Cairns and his team decamp to Paris for the stylish shoot, as we see Nottingham's finest performing the song to his love interest in a hotel room, before wandering the romantic city streets alone...

PRO Credits


DirectorRoss Cairns
Production CompanyJJ Stereo
Production CompanyUntitled
ProducerAmy James
Line ProducerJean Davi
Director of PhotographyDaniel Trapp
Focus PullerTristan Haley
Camera AssistantRob Gilmour
Production ManagerAmaury Bourgalay
Production AssistantGeraud Panroy
CommissionerNatalie Arnett

Jimmy Brown - 21st Jan 2014

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