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Peder 'Ghost Of A Smile' by Simon Bonde & Peder

David Knight - 9th Jan 2014

This video for Danish artist Peder's Ghost Of A Smile came out a few months ago but certainly deserves a look - especially if you like to watch some good fighting.  Peder co-directed this himself with Simon Bonde, and it's a powerful, visceral, compelling echo of Fight Club, beautifully shot by one of the great Danish DoPs, Kasper Tuxen.

A father (played by Peder himself) leaves his son to participate in a secret bout of bare-knuckle fighting, which the boy then discovers when he follows his dad. With tragic consequences.


"When the directors that did my last video suddenly ditched me for Ghost Of A Smile I sat down and thought about what I wanted to do.

I think the idea came to me due to my love of contrasts and was mostly a pure visual idea at first - you know the grimness and child watching it just felt right when listening to the song. It is also heavily inspired by my son, my divorce and my own father.

After that I teamed up with my good old friend Simon Bonde who is a director and with whom I did Gramsespektrum (a comedy show which had a legendary status and sold a platinum record way back).

Even though it doesn't look it the video is a super low budget production and we had to ask a shitload of favours. But after Kasper Tuxen (cinematographer) and editor Adam Nielsen committed to the project and Simon brought in his production team from Uitchiscratch we were on a roll and people just kind of enrolled.

Simon and Adam Nielsen helped develop the story, but even the day before the shooting so many things were hanging in the air. How would the fightscenes look? I mean we did practice, but I am not a stuntman and we had no idea how many minutes we would get. How should the extras react and how many of them would actually show?

Should the lead character die or not? How should the son react and could Storm (the child) act his part? Could I act the part? I am usually a comedic actor, and this was an entirely new ballgame – plus it was personal.

But on the day everything just miraculously sort of worked out and the next morning my whole body was completely crushed :)"

David Knight - 9th Jan 2014


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David Knight - 9th Jan 2014

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