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ALB 'Whispers Under The Moonlight' by Casper Balslev

ALB 'Whispers Under The Moonlight' by Casper Balslev

David Knight - 8th Jan 2014

French singer ALB has impressive previous form when it comes to interactive videos - his project for Golden Chains, where users could buy items featured in the video, won an MVA in 2012. But his new one for Whispers, directed by Casper Balslev, just stands apart – even among interactive videos.

For a start, the project - which was conceived by Julien Boissinot and Kevin Salembier at CLM BBDO, with film production by Frenzy in Paris and digital production by ACNE in Sweden –  is claiming to be the first ever 'Trojan Horse Music Video'. And with good reason. Without giving too much away, things aren't quite what they seem. For a start, this appears to be a straightforward linear video, about an invasion of a young woman, multiplied numerous times and dangerously armed, into a family home, via a strange wooden box - and clearly intent on confronting the man of the house. That's impressive in itself. 

But to watch it, you have to download it - and get the music for free in the process. It's only when the video is nearly finished that the full extent of the invasion becomes clear - its not just in the video, it's in your computer. In fact, a fairly benign yet still chilling form of hacking happens here, which may lead your loved one to wonder why you suddently have lots of pictures, and emails, and calendar appointments, from a young woman called Helen...  

Bloody clever, an eye-opener, and a bit shocking. Just like that other Trojan Horse.


Watch 'ALB 'Whispers Under The Moonlight' by Casper Balslev' here

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David Knight - 8th Jan 2014


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Casper Balslev
Willy Morence
Production Company
Frenzy Paris
Production Company
ACNE Production
Executive Producer
Charlotta Jönsson


Director of Photography
Niels Thastum


Post production company


Arista France


Creative Director
Julien Boissinot
Creative Director
Kevin Salembier
VFX Director
John Hammarström
Director of Technology
Svante Hellberg

David Knight - 8th Jan 2014

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