David Knight - 14th Nov 2013

Antony Barkworth-Knight created a lovely hand-drawn animated video for Fitzroy North last year. Now he's applied a version of the same technique - where he rotoscopes over existing footage – to create this video for Last Words, by Manchester based jazz trio Gogo Penguin.   

Having recorded the track last year for their debut album Fanfares, the band then created a new version for a BBC Maida Vale session, and were then inspired to approach Antony – also based in Manchester – to create an animated video that could portray the idea behind this piece of music. The result is a very piece with a huge emotional punch - where the close ties between a husband and father, wife and daughter are tragically ended.

It was actually based on a combination of live action and CG, that was then rotoscoped by hand by Antony, who used a huge amount of charcoal to create the 2,500 hand-drawn frames that tell this poignant tale, before digitising and texture were added. What an achievement.


DirectorAntony Barkworth-Knight
AnimatorAntony Barkworth-Knight
WriterRob Turner
LabelGondwana Records
Other creditsWoman: Katie McArdle Man: Steven Walker Girl: Annabelle Walker Thanks: Frank Mansfield, Katy Harrod, Dave Watson, Nic Bauer and Claire Bridger

David Knight - 14th Nov 2013

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