David Knight - 25th Oct 2013

There's star-studded, and then there's Simon Aboud's video for Paul McCartney's Queenie Eye. Here's a video with a celeb headcount that's not just impressive, or even remarkable. It's ridiculous.

Macca has a habit of drawing on the stars to his vids, just not usually by the truckload. But here he's made an exception, or perhaps just taken things to their logical conclusion. At first he's alone, apart from his producer, in the most important recording studio in the history of pop - Studio 2 at Abbey Road.

Then we get Johnnie Depp, hanging out at the foot of the piano. Closely followed by a platoon of movie stars and supermodels and a few fellow musicians thrown in: Meryl Streep, Jude Law, James Corden, Jeremy Irons, Peter Blake, Sean Penn, Alice Eve, Lily Cole, Jack Savoretti, and, sort of stealing the show, Kate Moss. No-one out-celebs Macca...

And hats off to Simon Aboud (and to editor Julia Knight) who manage to make the video develop in a seemly fashion, and maintain the song's integrity (it's actually pretty good) in the face of all the celeb action. 

Watch 'Paul McCartney 'Queenie Eye' by Simon Aboud' here

PRO Credits


DirectorSimon Aboud
Production CompanyAnnex Films
ProducerHans Elias
Director of PhotographyJohn Perez
EditorJulia Knight
Editing companyCut+Run
Director's RepresentationAli Lindsay
Other creditsCast including: Johnny Depp, Jeremy Irons, Peter Blake, James Corden, Kate Moss, Jack Savoretti, Alice Eve, Laura Bailey, Meryl Streep, Lily Cole, Gary Barlow

David Knight - 25th Oct 2013

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