Davis Silis - 10th Oct 2013

Drake's latest video outing with 'Hold On, We're Going Home' is wholly of another era. Forget about the 'Miami, 1985' title card that starts the whole thing off, or the unmistakable Miami Vice meets Scarface vibes. There's more at work under that superficial surface than you'd think.

Let's get one thing clear first; it's ridiculous. It just is. Director Bill Pope, better known as DP on The Matrix series, Scott Pilgrim vs the World and a few of Raimi's Spider-Man films, spends the first third of the video setting the stage with Drake, A$AP and crew celebrating on the eve of some successful heist. A whole third of the video. Before the track ever kicks in. This all precipitates a story of how Drake's girl gets kidnapped as retribution before the crew assembles a Matrix-level amount of guns and rolls up to a shipping yard for their heroic shootout. Drake saves his girl, who stands there, shivering in the Key winds while wearing pretty much nothing but stockings.

The entire video, from production to acting to effects is laced with so much unabashed hamminess you can't help but say yeah, alright, let's do this thing. It's hard to see how any other concept could have possibly worked. Even the track itself is a throwback; once that bass kicks in, you can just picture the out-of-nowhere Canadian production duo Majid Jordan hunched over their laptops, recreating some imagined version of Q and Jackson tweaking that console at Westlake.

There's a reason that something like Miami Vice is great without ever being great, and why the preposterous setups to some of the most memorable hip hop videos of the 90s created an aesthetic that spread like wildfire. Like it or not, as absurd as it is and whether it was by pure accident or utter genius, 'Hold On We're Going Home' just nails it. 


DirectorBill Pope
Production CompanyTownhall
ProducerSharon Oreck
ProducerDawn Rose
Director of PhotographyCrille Foresberg
EditorJarrett Fijal
Editing companyBonch Inc
LabelCash Money

Davis Silis - 10th Oct 2013

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