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The Magician 'When The Night Is Over' by Romain Segaud

David Knight - 30th Sept 2013

It may have been done before but it's hard to believe that anyone else has applied the graphic equalizer/VU reader idea in so many different ways as Romain Segaud has in his video for The Magician's dance anthem When The Night Is Over.

The four fluctuating blocks appear in skewers, colour pencils, candles, chips, drinks, sugarcubes, road crossings, bananas, doughnuts, buildings, and more. Very impressive and entertaining... although the sharp-eyed will notice a certain similarity with the graphic theme for this year's UK Music Video Awards. But then, as Romain explains, this concept has been gestating for years...

Romain Segaud: "The concept of this video was actually born 10 years ago. I was hanging out with Michel Gondry at this time and I found myself animating lego blocks on "Fell in love with a girl" from the White Stripes.

"By manipulating these blocks, I beginned to think of a whole range of situations. I wrote them down in a note book that I only brought out again this year.

"While listening to The Magician's track, I instantly felt this equalizer idea could perfectly match the project. I submitted it to the label and band who agreed right away it was a great combination.

"Now the project is finished and has its own life, 10 years after its birth. I can't wait to make other ideas I had in the past 9 years come to life."

David Knight - 30th Sept 2013


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David Knight - 30th Sept 2013

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