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Andrew Bayer 'Need Your Love' by Michal Bolland

David Knight - 12th Sept 2013

Shot over four days in the Slovak and Polish Tatras Mountains, Michal Bolland's video for Andrew Bayer's chillout anthem Need Your Love is a lovely thing. From sweeping aerial shots of the opening title sequence, it's graced with exceptional cinematography by Michal's DoP collaborator Karol Lakomiec.

But it also has an involving storyline, in which a beautiful young woman – Polish actress Katarzyna Smolinska – comes into contact with a tribe of forest-native children. And it's an encounter that reaches a surprising, rather magical conclusion.


Michal Bolland: "First time I heard Need Your Love, immediately this image came to my mind. I knew that to catch the feeling of the song, we have to shoot it in a desolate, remote, but also beautiful surroundings. Apparently the track has this very positive and gentle vibes, but I also felt like there is a secret hidden beyond this. Some sort of charm combined with a mystery - and this is something what I really like in women. I knew who have to play the lead part and I'm glad that Kasia Smolinska said "yes" to the project. I'm not only delighted about her performance, but she's also just a great person to work with.

"The key to success to shoot this video was mostly the logistics. We spent a lot of time looking for suitable locations, that not only look good, but also are accessible for the film crew and they are not far away from each other. Finally I decided to go to Polish and Slovak Tatras Mouintains. We had four long days in a row of shooting in very difficult terrain in July, which is the most rainy month there. It was a little bit of a gamble, but we made it work.

"I'm very proud of the whole crew, especially the kids. I had a chance to work with fantastic and talented people, so I'm even more grateful to Andrew and Anjunabeats for choosing me to direct it."

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David Knight - 12th Sept 2013


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Michal Bolland
Lidia Sadowska


Director of Photography
Karol Lakomiec
Camera operator
Sebastian Korczak


Art Director
Magdalena Minko


Marta Sieczak
Hair & Make-up
Aneta Radlinska


Lead actor
Katarzyna Smolinska


Karol Lakomiec


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David Knight - 12th Sept 2013

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