Jimmy Brown - 15th Aug 2013

A musician tries to express his thoughts onto paper in new director Riffy Powerz' stop-frame/live action promo for French artist Digitale Sanguine's Rythmes Digitales.

Frustrated in not being able to complete the task, he throws the paper away - but the paper then takes on a life of it's own ...


DirectorRiffy Powerz
LabelRiffy Powerz
EditorMatthew Thomas
EditorJanka Troeber
Director of PhotographyFelix Schmilinsky
Production CompanyIndependent Production
Art DirectorRiffy Powerz
ProducerRiffy Powerz
Lead actorDigitale Sanguine
Lead actorWinona Guy
ColouristFelix Schmilinsky
SparkMatthew Thomas
SparkJanka Troeber
Art DirectorHassan Hajjaj
Other creditsVincent Descourtieux, Becky Weston, Katherine Hearst And Nicolas Hearst

Jimmy Brown - 15th Aug 2013

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