Sam Hill - 16th July 2013

Samuel Craven has managed to create this fascinating visualisation from the most commonplace of modern-life tools - Google Streetview – to accompany Phil France's Transition.

Animator/director Sam wanted to put together a outlet for some of the amazing scenes, glitches and oddities he found trawelling Streetview and pieced the images together through months of labour-intensive screen-shotting.  Sam also used some cunning visual tricks, including the use of custom-written code from Ryan Alexander that renders the different angles of the Streetview camera as a unusual spherical image.

What's been created is a summary of just some of the interesting and bizarre sights that have been caught on Google's metriculous mapping of the world's roadways.

Oh, and it's a proper music video too - the visuals work beautifully with some marvellous soundscapes from ex-Cinematic Orchestra's Phil France.

Samuel Craven:

"I was interested in the glitches, errors and faults you can find among the vast amounts of streetview footage you can 'drive' through. I began by collating the locations I'd found, places where the camera was accidentally used at night in the dark, where a plastic bag had covered the camera, where the camera had overheated or got too cold and had began to distort and discolour. I spent just over a year trawlling through streetview to find the unusual and beautiful imagery you see in the promo.

"Once I had enough instances of these errors, I began capturing them to create a stop motion of the journey the camera had taken. It was really labour intensive and took around three months to capture all my locations and edit together as a stop frame animation. 

"I then began to use a piece of code written by Ryan Alexander, a really talented programmer from the States. His open source piece of programming enabled me to capture a stereoscopic projection of a streetview journey, so those little sphere worlds you see in the promo are all thanks to his brilliant piece of code. They were all captured in the same way as the other stop motion animations."

PRO Credits


DirectorSamuel Craven
AnimatorSamuel Craven
Director's Rep (UK)OB Management
Other creditsProgramming: Ryan Alexander

Sam Hill - 16th July 2013

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