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Postino 'I Love It' by Will Kindrick

David Knight - 4th July 2013

Will Kindrick has directed, edited and nearly everything elsed the wonderful life-affirming video for London-based Korean DJ Postino's I Love It – starring the irrepressible, unstoppable Darla Jacobs, ably assisted by little Jonas Anthony Rubio, in a couple of weird customized animal suits. 

You'll love it. It's where the wild kids are. And a great video for the 4th of July... 

Will is an LA-based comedy specialist who's making his first ever music video. He told Promo all about how it happened...  

PROMO: How did you get to make a video for Postino , with him in London, you in LA?

Will Kindrick: Postino is an awesome South Korean DJ and music producer based out of London. He's best known for topping the DJ charts in the UK! I was contacted by Kevin Lee (the former animation director at Yo Gabba Gabba who I had previously worked with) about doing animation for the video. It was going to a simple animated loop of the Owl from Postino's album cover dancing. That was originally the entire concept for the video. I listened to the track and couldn't help but let my imagination run wild with other possibilities. I sat down and immediately wrote out a treatment with visuals, costume design concepts, props, etc and sent it their way. I don't think they were expecting that, but the next day I was hired to direct the video!

Where did the idea come from?

The concept first popped into my head at a Halloween party I went to last year. I'd thrown together this obnoxious last minute shark costume and could barely see anything past the teeth!  I remember thinking to myself how hilarious it would be to walk around town on a normal day, carrying out normal tasks wearing that costume, or even better... filming someone else doing it! Either they'd be completely embarrassed the entire time OR they'd just own it and have a total blast! It turns out it's hard for me to get an idea out of my head until I make it happen. Postino's song was just so fun and infectious it seemed like the perfect fit. I decided to cast young kids instead of adults since they seem to have this natural ability to have fun wherever they go.

How did you find your kids? Young Darla is great...

Darla was so amazing! It's interesting because I actually wrote the treatment thinking the lead would be played by a boy. I auditioned several kids but was never 100% convinced. Around that time I was at a friend's wedding and Darla was there on the dance floor just totally owning it like it was nobody's business! I'm good friends with her dad, Parker Jacobs, (the art director of Yo Gabba Gabba) and she had been featured on the show dancing in several segments, she had also done some commercial work I was really impressed with. I asked if I could audition her right there on the spot and 30 seconds later she got the part! She's an amazingly talented little actress. She naturally inhabits any direction you give her and somehow makes it 10 times better than what you originally envisioned.

Where did you shoot, and how long did it take? 

We shot over the course of three days all over Los Angeles. Location scouting took up a good chunk of preproduction. I kept finding so many interesting little pockets hidden all over LA (some familiar and some more obscure). We shot in Hollywood, Melrose, Venice Beach, the Farmer's Market, Glendale and Pasadena. There was a scene I had planned and got permission to shoot at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach but we had to scrap it due to time restraints. We also cut out another scene that was supposed to take place at a bowling alley, but I'm really happy with how everything turned out! I guess the entire video is a not so subtle love letter to LA! Hopefully Randy Newman would be proud. It was funny because we actually shot in December/January right when an insane flu virus was going around and both my cinematographer and I were deathly sick the first day of shooting! By the end of the day I had lost my voice entirely to a sore throat and my cinematographer was laying down on the ground between every take with the worst fever of his life! It's really funny to look back on now and I'm just glad it didn't affect the final product!

Great edit by the way. You've been writing and directing comedy in your web series, etc. Have you done many music videos before this?

Thank you! This is actually the first music video I've directed. I grew up playing in punk rock bands and music has always been a huge part of my life so it's always fun to return to it in any sort of capacity I can. I'm excited and want to do more! 


David Knight - 4th July 2013


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Will Kindrick
Will Kindrick
Production Company
Mummy Space Island Productions


Director of Photography
Lars Lindstrom
Camera operator
Matt Biggs


Production designer
Will Kindrick


Erin Pearce


Kelli Erdman


Lead actor
Darla Jacobs
Lead actor
Jonas Anthony Rubio


Postino Records

Other credits

Special Thanks

Parker Jacobs, Alaina Pierce, Georgina Rubio, Nate Fackrell, Tony Hello, Matt & Nikki Fackrell

David Knight - 4th July 2013

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