Davis Silis - 1st July 2013

The word epic is thrown around frequently and carelessly when describing music videos, commercials and films. Sometimes it's a well deserved adjective, other times a quick trip to the local thesaurus for the 'okay' entry would be more suitable.

In the case of Young Galaxy's video 'New Summer' by director Ivan Grbovic, well, there aren't many other words that would be adequate.

As a study in contrasts, the Vancouver-based duo's dream-pop track is matched with what can only be described as the slow-motion destruction of pretty much everything. While the opening lyrics kick in, 'Here it comes again, the beautiful, warm weather,' we see deep black smoke billowing from a fire on the ocean's surface before a metropolis is completely destroyed in the most cinematically beautiful way.

Ivan took a lot of Getty Images stock footage, and then completely reworked it in post production, with the CGI work executed at the animation division at Vision Globale in Montreal. 

Echoes of 9/11? Sure. But this is harrowing and soothing all at the same time. The end of the world never sounded so relaxed, or looked so stunning. 


DirectorIvan Grbovic
Production CompanyWanda Productions
Post production companyVision Film Co
LabelPaper Bag Records

Davis Silis - 1st July 2013

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