Jimmy Brown - 1st July 2013

Shot in Sydney and with a set built from 'found' items along with other sustainable materials, Beatrice Pegard's promo for Josh Pyke is one of the greenest videos ever made. 


"Leeward Side is a music video about life cycle, biophilia and evolution inspired by E.O Wilson, children, and Max Fischer. 

"The production was as sustainable as possible: only recycled materials for wardrobe and art department, unless impossible (we had to buy a few bits and bobs but returned them to shops), no water bottles on set, no plastic cups, cutlery, plates. We had recycling and compost on set and meals from a friend's mum's cafe with fresh local and organic ingredients. 

"The rest of the props were found in the streets (people throw a lot of stuff in the street in Australia), or from nature. One of the trees is made from twigs and tree bark that was carefully collected (and not ripped off dying trees!). We had minimal printing and used bikes and carsharing whenever possible.

"The idea was to have an environmentally conscious music video and to do it with humour, with the message both in the process and in the content".


DirectorBeatrice Pegard
ProducerBeatrice Pegard
Production CompanyAlt-F
Director of PhotographyEvan Papageorgiou
Art DirectorVix Nhieu
EditorElodie Fouqueau
ColouristRoslyn Di Sisto
VFXTom Spiers
VFXMiguel Zaragoza
VFXScotty Wilcox
StylistFleur Camroux
StylistSophie Spalding
LabelIvy League

Jimmy Brown - 1st July 2013

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