Sam Hill - 25th June 2013

Rone's video for 'Let's Go' is a striking zero-gravity adventure with Rone's brother-in-law Julien Carot sitting in the directors chair.  We're pretty certain that Rone's not doing it as a favour though, as the zero-gravity effect, and scenes, are pretty great, with Julien's zero-g effect all created physically using cables removed in post-production. 

Set in a spacefaring house, we see the problems of making electricity, having a bath, eating spagetti and playing pix-stixs...


DirectorJulien Carot
Production CompanyAnimal Farm
Director of PhotographyLéo Hinstin
SteadicamNicolas Cagniard
CameraPierluigi De Palo
CameraSanjiv BONIFACE

Sam Hill - 25th June 2013

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