Promo News - 5th June 2013

It’s not hard to imagine the gist of the treatment, or even the brief, for the titillating view-magnet that is the video for Autoerotique’s Asphyxiation: Huse Monferadi’s legendary Eric Prydz video for Call On Me meets Ben Stiller’s Dodgeball.

But Canadian director Amos LeBlanc has executed this idea pretty much to perfection – just like one of those sexy/funny Ministry videos back in the day. Amos plays the underboob card for all its worth to avoid an outright YouTube ban. There’s even some guys in it…

And if you really want to know how to make a very sexy Dodgeball match and keep everyone's bits sexily in place (tape) then check out the Behind The Scenes film too...


DirectorAmos LeBlanc
LabelDim Mak

Promo News - 5th June 2013

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