Promo News - 3rd Apr 2013

Eighteen months after his remarkable video for The Satellite Year’s implausibly titled Jelly, Jelly, How To Survive Such A Trip?, director and VFX whizz Thorsten Hary has been at it again for the German popster’s latest single, A Campus, A Heart, A Star. He’s created another video that resembles a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster, with suitably jawdropping FX work. And he’s done it virtually singlehandedly…

This time the band perform the track on a rooftop in a city at night, while parked cars start to defy gravity, and then the whole environment around them starts to alter…

“All shot on greenscreen in a conference room, the promo for “A Campus, A Heart, A Star” has me once again handling all directing, camera and postproduction work,” Thorsten explains. “The performances, shot on a Canon 5D & C300, underwent ten weeks of postproduction adding digital environments and animated elements.” You can see for yourself in the Behind The Scenes video which highlights the contribution of the Element 3D After FX-Plugin.

Another remarkable achievement by the Saarbrücken-based director who is also lead TVC artist at Haus & Gross. And the finished video was set to premiere at European Revision Computer Arts Festival over Easter weekend 2013…


DirectionThorsten Hary
Production designerThorsten Hary
VFXThorsten Hary
1st ADMarkus Braun

Promo News - 3rd Apr 2013

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Promonews - 3rd Apr 2013

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