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Darwin Deez 'You Can't Be My Girl' by Keith Schofield

David Knight - 19th Feb 2013

Keith Schofield gets together with Darwin Deez for the video for You Can't Be My Girl, and the results are almost predictably marvellous.

In order to highlight the fact that Darwin is rather a quirky, leftfield type of guy - an outsider - Keith puts him in an environment that could not be more mainstream or less edgy. This is stock-footage world - full of pretty, unattainable girls, where Darwin is the observer, doomed to fail to fit in...

The pleasure is going through the process of realising that Darwin has been expertly comped in top-spec recently-produced stock footage - and as in other vids that have used a variation of the technique, sensing that the footage is weirdly parodying itself. Or that Schofield has possibly slipped in a couple of set-ups himself. Who, for instance, knew there was sexual stock footage..

Keith - who secured this commission while in London, between his more regular commercial assignments - always changes things up. Darwin's frustration lasts a lifetime, but then he is allowed to let rip within a more accessible version of non-reality. And don't be fooled by the false ending...

In short, unlike the singer's never-going-to-be-his-girlfriends, Keith and Darwin were made for each other.

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David Knight - 19th Feb 2013


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Keith Schofield
Production Company
Executive Producer
Laura Tunstall


Director of Photography
Ben Fordesman


Stephen Richards
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Antoine Vermeesch

David Knight - 19th Feb 2013

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