Sam Hill - 10th Dec 2012

Jonathan Higgs (aka Jon Everything) continues to skilfully direct Everything Everything's promos alongside being the band's gymnastic-voiced frontman. This new video finds the group in a more naturalistic setting, performing enthusiastically in a cavernous forest. However, the main focus point here is the impressive dancer sourced by Jon after seeing him on the telly. With his impressive hand-walking, upside-down dancing action, it's difficult for him not to steal the show in this compelling video. "I wrote Kemosabe about loneliness and feeling like an outsider. When thinking about the video I remembered a particular breakdancer I saw on TV a couple of years ago, performing 'The Rite of Spring', mostly walking on his hands. I somehow tracked him down using just my memory of the performance and a few emails. I really wanted the video to present something that was strange, something 'other', and then have it transform into something new and beautiful. The reason this dancer stood out was his incredible upper body strength, due in part to childhood polio. "I wanted to reveal him slowly, like some kind of monster, flashes of skin mixed with macro shots of insects and undergrowth. Slowly he was shown as a kind of freak, walking on his hands, then as the song progressed he began to dance in his incredibly unique way. I wanted the viewer's reaction to go from disgust, to confusion, then curiosity, and finally awe. "The final important decision I made was to shoot almost entirely into the sun, with an anamorphic lens to get create a lot of flaring. I bloomed and coloured the footage a lot to emphasise the cascading light, and give everything a kind of dreamy quality. The main idea was to take something very strange and 'other' and show how it can be beautiful." Everything Everything Kemosabe (Sony/RCA) Director: Jon Everything Producer: Phil Tidy Prod Co: Urchin Productions DoP: Deane Thrussell OctoCam: Leo @digitalcinemafilms Art Direction: Nigel Mitchell Dancer: Junior @ Pro-Create Editor: Jon Everything Stunt body double: Phil Tidy


DirectorJon Everything
ProducerPhil Tidy
Production CompanyUrchin Productions
Director of PhotographyDeane Thrussell
EditorJon Everything

Sam Hill - 10th Dec 2012

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