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Dog Is Dead 'Teenage Daughter' by Jordan Bahat

Dog Is Dead 'Teenage Daughter' by Jordan Bahat

Jimmy Brown - 5th Nov 2012

Shot in the heart of Los Angeles in the area known as Koreatown where all the signage is in Kanji and the predominant language is Korean, Jordan Bahat delivers this unusual and beautiful promo for Dog Is Dead's Teenage Daughter.

With an exquisite performance from Nao Minami in the lead role, Jordan had this to say about the production:

"I wanted to make a film that highlighted the surreal from the mundane - a romantic story that would flow with the languid cadence of Dog Is Dead's beautiful song and this location provided the perfect setting tonally for that sort of story. The film is about a lonely Korean girl who works at the golf course overnight, collecting discarded golf balls. It's all a little bit weird, but I wanted the world and the characters to nevertheless feel authentic and real.

"Due to constraints, our art department, under production designer Alessandro Marvelli, had to construct the golf-ball man on-site which proved to be a challenge! Just before we turned camera towards the statue for the first time, the entire statue collapsed and golf balls exploded out of the structure in every direction. Luckily, and thankfully, they were able to reconstitute the structure in just a few minutes and I think they really made something beautiful and believable.

"Andrew Wheeler, a phenomenal DP with whom I've worked before, shot the film on the Alexa with vintage Kowa Anamorphic lenses at about 2000 ISO (even when we could have shot at cleaner ISOs) and used Digicon filters that lifted the blacks in-camera and gave the picture a filmic texture that Matt Osbourne at MPC could manipulate in the grade. Between Wheels and his crew and Matt on the grade, they've done phenomenal work.

"I'm very thankful to the band and label, OBManagement and Rokkit for supporting a film like this -- as well as my rugged and agile cast and crew led by producer William T Vandegrift who worked tirelessly for two days straight through nights to pull this off. Hope you enjoy.

Watch 'Dog Is Dead 'Teenage Daughter' by Jordan Bahat' here

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Jimmy Brown - 5th Nov 2012


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Jordan Bahat
Production Company
Executive Producer
Mary Calderwood
1st AD
Carly Sturgeon


Director of Photography
Andrew Wheeler
Focus Puller
Brian Decroce
Alex Sax


Kimberly Culotta
Kevin Miller


Production designer
Alessandro Marvelli
Art Director
Spencer Plamondon


Jordan Bahat


Matt Osborne


Director's Representation


Dan Curwin


2nd AD
Ryan Hill
Clapper Loader
Josh Gill

Jimmy Brown - 5th Nov 2012

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