David Knight - 19th Oct 2012

And it happened at a El-P gig, in front of a very lairy crowd of ladies. Plus, at some kind of parallel gig, TV On the Radio's Jaleel Bunton plays Nick Diamonds of Islands/the Unicorns, getting girls pregnant just by touching them... So just as insane as The Full Retard. I'm not even going to pretend that I know what's going on - so here's Tim:

"The "Stay down" video for El-P is a semi-prequel to our first video for his "C4C" album, The full Retard. In this episode we discover the origin of how our hero squirrel and internet sensation Mr. Killums, lost his Eye and witness a band battle/mass hypnosis/reality critique performance. Starring Jaleel Bunton of "TV on the Radio" playing the role of Nick Diamonds, the pop star antithesis to the dark light of truth that El-P spews, leading to an all out botox-fueled melee." There you go.



DirectorTimothy Saccenti
FlameRussell Mack
ColouristDamien Van Der Cruyssen
1st ADIan Lynch
2nd ADOwen O'Leary
Production CompanyStarworks Group
ProducerBrody Baker
Director of PhotographyCarlos Veron
Focus PullerRasa Acharya
Clapper LoaderCharles Alexander
Art DirectorPeter Mayer
GafferRome Peterson
GripHolly Hosman
Casting directorM
Production AssistantRichard Walker, Kaream Appleton, Phil Nolan

David Knight - 19th Oct 2012

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