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Bat For Lashes 'All Your Gold' by Noel Paul

David Knight - 9th Oct 2012

Following their collaboration on the video for the haunting Laura, Bat For Lashes' Natasha Khan teams up once more with Noel Paul of directing team That Go for All Your Gold - and the result is a mesmerising performance video which gets to the essence of the artist. It's a holistic combination of brilliantly judged elements: location, photography, choreography and styling. But more than anything, its all about Natasha.

The video was shot in Botany Bay in Kent, photographed by Evan Prosofsky (who's previous work includes working with Emily Kai Bock on her video for Grimes's Oblivion) where Natasha performs the song, and dances expressively, wearing a stunning adaptable, light reflecting dress-cum-jump suit that was created especially for the shoot.

"Natasha wanted to give a really raw performance, something elemental and outdoors, for All Your Gold," Noel explains. "The choreography comes out of ongoing work she is doing with Jorge Crecis and Katie Lusby to develop a vocabulary of movement intrinsic to Natasha that expresses the themes of the album.

"The use of reflective materials in the costumes was inspired by a series of dresses by Marianne Maric, who very graciously allowed me to borrow the concept and consulted on materials. The half&half jump suit is something Natasha has been imagining for a while, and she also requested a dress with a modern dance vibe. Ameena Kara Callender designed and made the outfits and they are just exactly right. Bold and classy and when you shine light on them they literally glow.

"Evan Prosofsky provided the cinematography and was a joy to work with. His enthusiasm and energy are contagious and he's not afraid to improvise and break rules. These are qualities I prize highly in a DoP. I am also very grateful to Lauren my production designer, James & Oli the commissioners, Tiernan & Sonya the producers, and the guys at FRIEND. It was a great team.

"And of course ultimately the video works because Natasha's performance is riveting. I've enjoyed her music for a long time, and now I admire her courage, integrity, sense of fun and work ethic. She put so much into every phase of this video, it was an honor and pleasure to work with her."

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David Knight - 9th Oct 2012


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Noel Paul
Tiernan Hanby
Sonya Sier
Production Company
Executive Producer
Luke Jacobs
1st AD
George Nelson


Director of Photography
Evan Prosofsky
Focus Puller
Karl Hui


Pete Carrier


Production designer
Lauren Doss
Production Assistant
Holly Harding


Jorge Crecis with K


James Hackett
Oliver Hammerton

David Knight - 9th Oct 2012

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