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MNDR 'C.L.U.B.' by fourclops

MNDR 'C.L.U.B.' by fourclops

David Knight - 3rd July 2012

The interactive music video becomes a little more personalised in MNDR's video for C.L.U.B. by new directing team fourclops - courtesy of HTML5 and your Facebook page.

The C.L.U.B. video takes the viewer on a journey which begins with their spontaneous trip to New York, hanging out at a hipster party in Brooklyn with MNDR and friends, and then finding unlikely (yet convincingly rendered) fame and fortune. The story is all viewed through an iPhone (on the webpage) and once connected to their Facebook profile, the viewer sees their profile information along with name and photos of their friends integrated into the storyline in numerous ways, and employing many familiar apps as well as Facebook functions.

And it really does feel personalised: if you have New York based FB friends, they will 'text' you to make social plans. A significant friend will text, miffed that you've stood them up.

It was developed in HTML5 for MNDR and the O Music Awards by fourclops - that's Eli Stonberg and Jeff Greco, now officially a directing team although they have worked together before, not least on Eli's charming interactive video for Au Revoir Simone's Knight Of Wands. And it follows the Young Empires' White Doves video, which also uses HTML5 and Facebook to achieve the kind of personalisation first achieved by Chris Milk's Wilderness Downtown project for Arcade Fire.

Eli Stonberg on the making of the interactive video for MNDR's C.L.U.B.

"The project came about when the O Music Awards approached us about a potential collaboration in association with their "Unboxed" event. They knew about us because our video for Au Revoir Simone was previously nominated in the O Music Awards for "Most Innovative Music Video". The concert featured in the video was an event called "O Music Awards Unboxed" at Webster Hall. While the concert was going on we ran around with cameras filming guerilla style.

"Jeff and I have been working together for years and it felt like good timing to form a team. With fourclops, we're really excited to explore new forms of interactive entertainment combining filmmaking with the new tools that the web offers.

"Here's an overview of the interactive features in the video:
? Facebook Photos: Your profile picture appears as the iPhone Homescreen and on a tour poster with MNDR.
? Texts: You receive texts from MNDR and various facebook friends. Once you arrive in New York, you receive texts from Facebook friends who live in New York. If you have a significant other listed, they will be upset that you ditched them (otherwise it will be a random friend). Mutual friends of yours will also talk about each other.
? Workplace: There's an ongoing conversation between you and your boss. The video pulls your Employer's name and inserts it into texts and emails.
? Google Maps: The user travels to NYC from their current location as listed on fb.
? Facebook Newsfeed: At one point, you browse your facebook news feed.
? Shocking Photos: The user sees an online gossip blog splash a recent Facebook photo they were tagged in under the headline "Shocking Photos from DJ _____'s Past!"
? World Tour: Per the user's request, their hometown is the second stop on the MNDR World Tour.
? New York Mode: In the video, the user travels to NY by plane. But what if the user is currently living in New York To solve this, we created a New York Mode which replaces the airport scenes with a separate video of the user traveling around the city. Users who list their current location as New York will see this version.
? The video is always different each time you re-watch it. We don't store the information that is pulled from Facebook.


"The web is now the primary consumption vehicle for videos, so why should we have to work within the constraints of old media You will see more HTML5, more personalization through social networks, more interactivity and participation between viewers, perhaps even in real time. Facebook collects all of our data to target advertisements, but we don't need to let this wealth of new technology oppress us. Let's use it to make art."

Watch 'MNDR 'C.L.U.B.' by fourclops' here

David Knight - 3rd July 2012


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David Knight - 3rd July 2012

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